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How Just One Change a Week Can Jump-start Real Weight Loss

  “Maimonides stresses the importance of habit formation as it...

8 Simple Steps to Mindful Eating

  8 Simple Steps to Mindful Eating Becoming one with your meal can help...

4 ‘New’ Ways to Motivate Weight Loss

  Why reinvent the wheel? Philosophers have known how to motivate just...

4 Lesser-Known Health Benefits of Strength Training

  It’s no secret: People often do strengthening exercises because...

5 Skinny Habits Preview

  5 SKINNY HABITS The 5 Skinny Habits encourages an awareness of habit...

Childhood Obesity, Soda and Emotional Reactions

  OBESITY STARTS IN KINDERGARTEN Researchers from Emory University in...

5 Benefits of Wine

    Your nightly glass of red is about to get a whole lot more...

Jog or Walk

  Studies have gone back and forth on the question for years – is...


  I have noticed some Bible-based diets, which have gained popularity...

Mindful Eating

  Maimonides concept of how to perceive life’s challenges in his...

Wine and its Benefits

  “You cause the grass to grow… and wine to gladden the heart of...

Time Out

  If you feel yourself getting angry, stop what you are doing...


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